Top Discovery Exchange

Effective April 1, 2018, body camera video discovery sent by the Office of the State Attorney, 20th Judicial Circuit, will be provided utilizing’s sharing capabilities.

Defense Counsel will receive a link which will initiate a download of a compressed .zip folder which contains all body camera videos for the referenced case.   Cases will be referenced within the email by law enforcement’s agency report number and the defendant’s last name.

The link in the email will remain active for 120 days to allow sufficient time for retrieval.  The expiration date of the link is detailed within the email sent by

There is no size limit to these files.  Larger files may take a while to download. These files will be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac devices and will be provided in .mp4 format.

Please review the attached instructions to download and review the body camera files.
Video Download and Reviewing Instructions 

Law Enforcement Agencies Sharing via


  • Cape Coral Police Department
  • Fort Myers Police Department


  • Hendry County Sheriff’s Office
Example Email from