Grand Jury Indictment

State Attorney Amira Fox empaneled and convened a Lee County Grand Jury Thursday and they have returned an indictment against Joshua Robert Pulley for the overdose death of a Lee
County woman. Pulley has been indicted for First Degree Murder Caused by the Unlawful Distribution of Fentanyl and Sale or Delivery of a Controlled Substance. The defendant is now in custody at the Lee County Jail.

The indictment against Pulley reads in part:
On or about December 29, 2022, in Lee County, Florida, did unlawfully, being then eighteen (18) years of age or
older, kill and murder
the victim, a human being, by the unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, to wit:
Fentanyl or any mixture containing any such substance, as described in Florida Statute 893.03(2)(b)9; and the
said controlled substance was the proximate cause of the death of
the victim.

On or about December 29, 2022 in Lee County, Florida, did knowingly and unlawfully sell or deliver a controlled
substance, to-wit: Fentanyl, contrary to Florida Statute 893.13(1)(a)1;777.011, and against the peace and
dignity of the State of Florida.

Pulley provided drugs to the victim after meeting her in the parking lot of a restaurant. The victim is seen on
surveillance cameras walking towards the defendant’s car, having an exchange, and then leaving. Evidence
shows the defendant was also texting the victim about the meet up.

The victim then returned home. Her roommate got home later that night and found her unresponsive in her
bedroom. Emergency responders could not revive her. The Medical Examiner determined the victim died from a
Fentanyl overdose.

“I want to thank the Lee County Grand Jury for their time and attention to the details of this case. I also want to
thank the Fort Myers Police Department, Acting Fort Myers Police Department Chief Randall Pepitone, and Fort
Myers Police Detective Cierra Carter, for their excellent work on this case. Their focused police work was critical
to this indictment. I will not tolerate the distribution of deadly substances in this community. If you sell this
poison and someone dies, you are facing a capital first degree murder charge. The drug trade impacts not just
individual lives, but the community at large,” said State Attorney Amira Fox.

Assistant State Attorney Sara Miller, of the State Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit, and Deputy Chief Assistant
State Attorney Paul Poland, are prosecuting the case.

Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office