Man Pretended to be an Uber Driver, Assaulted Student: 30 Years in Prison

Willie Foust, the man arrested for posing as an Uber driver and committing sexual
battery on a Florida Gulf Coast University student in 2017, was sentenced to 30
years in prison. He was sentenced as a Habitual Felony Offender and Prison
Releasee Reoffender. The defendant was also designated as a lifetime Sexual
Offender. FGCU Police arrested Foust after the crime was reported by an 18-yearold

On the second day of trial, after hearing the victim in this case testify as well as a
victim from an alleged 2011 sexual battery also in Lee County, the 34-year-old
defendant wanted to plead guilty. He was sentenced Thursday.

Assistant State Attorneys John Dommerich Jr. and Natalie Savino handled the

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office