State Attorney’s Office Contractor Construction Fraud Task Force

State Attorney Amira Fox announces the creation of the Contractor/Construction Fraud Task
Force to ensure effective investigations and successful prosecutions of construction fraud.

Construction is a $50 billion industry in the State of Florida and growing. The population of our
region is expected to rise to 1.5 million in 2025. This means more growth and construction will
be happening and unfortunately, that also brings opportunities for fraud. According to a recent
survey, nearly 36% of all consumers indicated that contractor fraud is their primary concern with

“As your State Attorney, I want to protect innocent consumers from fraudulent activity as well as
protect those businesses which follow the law. I am proud to announce the creation of the State
Attorney’s Office Contractor/Construction Fraud Task Force. This task force will assess issues,
share information, and identify best practices with law enforcement agencies, elected officials,
and construction professionals circuit-wide to ensure effective investigations and successful
prosecutions of construction fraud,” said State Attorney Fox.

The State Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit will handle any cases arising from the work
of the task force.

The first meeting of the Contractor/Construction Fraud Task Force will be October 15th. As this
will involve the discussion of potential criminal cases, this will be a closed meeting. However,
the public is invited to attend a free workshop on avoiding contractor fraud, either in person, or
via the various methods listed below.

The event, hosted by Charlotte County Commission Chairman Bill Truex, will also be held
October 15th, at 9 a.m, at the Charlotte County Administration Center, Room 119, 18500
Murdock Circle in Port Charlotte.

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak to panelists about contractor and construction fraud.
The panelists include Commissioner Truex, State Attorney Fox, and Charlotte County Sheriff
Bill Prummell.

The workshop can be viewed on the following:

• The Charlotte County Facebook page –
• The Charlotte County Television Channel via CC-TV Comcast, Channel 20 or 97,
CenturyLink Prism, Channel 98
• The Charlotte County website – (click CC-TV)

“I look forward to seeing how the work and combined partnerships created through the
Contractor/Construction Fraud Task Force make a difference when it comes to handling
fraudulent activity. I also want those who commit such criminal acts to know that the task force
is in place to protect the citizens of Southwest Florida and we are watching,” said State Attorney

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office