30 Year Prison Sentence in NETFORCE CASE for Conspiracy to Traffic Meth

Terrance Tre’jhon Moore was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison, for Conspiracy to Traffic in Methamphetamine in an amount weighing 200 Grams or More and Purchase of a Controlled Substance. He was also ordered to pay a $250,000 fine, the cost of prosecution, court cost, and had his driver’s license suspended for 6 months.

The defendant was arrested during the first Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (NETFORCE) long term investigation, Operation Block Party, which commenced in 2020.

He was convicted in March, following a jury trial in Lee County. He is the third defendant arrested during the operation to go to trial and be convicted.

Assistant State Attorney John Dommerich, Jr., Chief of Special Prosecutions, and Assistant State Attorney Natalie Savino prosecuted the case.

Evidence presented at trial showed that Moore trafficked in two pounds of methamphetamine. Two pounds of methamphetamine equates to approximately 907 grams.

Members of NETFORCE conducted electronic and physical surveillance of the defendant as he arrived at the negotiated location for the drug transaction. Officers then followed the defendant’s vehicle, stopped it, searched it, and discovered the methamphetamine.

NETFORCE was formed by State Attorney Amira Fox in 2019 and in conjunction with partner law enforcement agencies, in order to coordinate a Circuit-wide approach to infiltrating and dismantling drug trafficking organizations, organized crime, racketeering, and money-laundering enterprises in Southwest Florida.

Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office