Career Criminal Sentenced

Harrison Rivera III of Lee County was sentenced on multiple cases as a career criminal and
Habitual Felony Offender on drug and gun charges and a case involving a battery.

In the first case from March 2018, Rivera was found hiding in the bedroom of a trailer with other
people in North Fort Myers when Lee County Sheriff’s deputies were serving a warrant for
someone else in the trailer. A sergeant went into the bedroom and saw three firearms and drugs
in the bedroom closet. When he moved to retrieve the weapons Rivera got closer and
argumentative and then ran past him.

Rivera was immediately apprehended and placed in handcuffs. He was then taken outside where
he jumped off of a 4 foot tall concrete stoop in the front and ran while cuffed. He was quickly
caught. Prior to being put in the car he was patted down. A key was found on a string in the
waistband of his pants. Deputies found that the key opened the closet in the bedroom containing
the drugs and weapons where the defendant had just been.

The defendant was charged in that case and released on bond but failed to appear for court. A
bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Not long after, Cape Coral Police made contact with a
vehicle that appeared to be broken down in a parking lot. An officer walked up to the car which
had two occupants. The driver was making motions near the door and as the officer walked up to
the car he saw a firearm in the vehicle. The officer called for back up and asked the male driver
in the passenger seat to exit the vehicle. He complied. It was Rivera. The car was searched and
drug paraphernalia was found.

While incarcerated on the above crime Rivera attacked another inmate at the Lee County jail this

He was charged and sentenced as follows for the three cases;
Case 18-16488CF

Count 1: Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon-72 months in prison
Count 2: Possession of Heroin–60 months in prison, one year driver’s license revoked, $100 FDLE fee
Count 3: Possession of a Controlled Substance–60 months in prison to be served concurrent to counts 1 & 2
Count 4: credit time served

Case 18-19567CF

Count 1: Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon–Actual Possession–72 months in prison, 36 month min/man
Count 2: Possession of a Controlled Substance–60 months in prison, one year driver’s license revoked concurrent to count 1
Count3: Possession of Paraphernalia–credit time served, cost of prosecution, court costs

Case 19-189CF

Count 1: Battery on a Detainee – 60 months in prison, no contact with the victim court costs, cost of prosecution, fines

Assistant State Attorney Christine Cummins handled the case.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office