Defendant Guilty in Double Homicide Case

A new sentencing date of August 12, 2024, has now been set for defendant Ethan Cartwright, who was convicted Friday, for the murder of two women. A Lee County jury found the defendant guilty of two counts of Second Degree Murder with a Firearm and one count of Shooting at/into a Dwelling or Building.

Assistant State Attorney Brenda Wade of the State Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit and Assistant State Attorney Leena Marcos prosecuted the case.

The crime happened in November 2021, when Cartwright fired two shots and killed a woman inside of a home in San Carlos Park. A second woman, who had been standing outside of the front door of the house, heard the gunshots and started running down the front walk, screaming for help. The defendant then sprinted out of the house, chasing her down, shooting at her as she fled. He shot her four times, killing her. The shooting was caught on surveillance cameras from the victim’s home and was part of the evidence at trial.

During this chaotic scene, there were two children inside of the house, who went to a neighbor and were unharmed.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. Cartwright had barricaded himself in the home. Following negotiations with the SWAT Team, he surrendered, and was taken into custody.

After the murders, the defendant texted several people, admitting his involvement in the crime.


Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office