Economic Crime Unit Update

The State Attorney’s Office Economic Crime Unit expanded just more than one year ago. In that year restitution ordered in cases has topped $4.1 million dollars and an additional $708,000 has been collected up front as part of plea agreements.

Defendants being prosecuted by the ECU in the past year have received a combined 100 years in prison and 415 years of probation.

The expansion of our ECU included an attorney for insurance fraud cases as well as adding an exploitation of the elderly specialty to an attorney. An additional investigator has also assisted to help put the cases together. Our ECU Unit is led by Assistant State Attorney J.D. Miller.

“The State Attorney’s Office Economic Crime Unit aggressively pursues allegations of money laundering, insurance fraud and white collar crimes. Our message to the citizens of Southwest Florida is clear: we will seek to recoup losses for the victims and jail time for those who commit those crimes” said Chief Assistant State Attorney Amira Fox who oversees the ECU.

The ECU also takes a strong stance against identity theft crimes, with many defendants in the past year convicted of those charges receiving jail time.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office