First Responder Appreciation Award

Today the Collier County Sheriff’s Office recognized Assistant State Attorneys Dave Scuderi and Kate Rumley. They were presented with the First Responder Appreciation Award “in appreciation of support and service to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office” for their role in dismantling a drug trafficking organization. 

As a result of the year-long investigation, 18 people were arrested and convicted. 

The award reads, “In December 2014, members of VNB received intelligence identifying a source of supply believed to be transporting and distributing multi kilograms of Heroin to Collier County from Miami. During the course of the investigation, other sources of supply of Heroin were discovered from Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida. Members from multiple agency bureaus, assisted by the State Attorney’s Office, conducted thousands of hours of surveillance, obtained cellular phone Pen Registers, GPS Ping Orders, GPS Tracking Orders, served five Search Warrants, conducted numerous interdiction traffic stops, conducted numerous undercover operations and eight Title III Wire intercepts. Between May and August of 2015, defendants conspired to traffic thirty-three kilograms of Cocaine, one kilogram of Methamphetamine and three thousand Oxycodone pills. In September 2015, the joint investigation led to the seizure of approximately forty-five thousand dollars in US currency, approximately thirty-nine ounces of Heroin, thousands of Fentanyl tablets, thousands of Xanax tablets. Four vehicles seized, thirteen handguns, two rifles and the arrest of eighteen individuals for Trafficking Heroin and Trafficking Cocaine. The eighteen arrested subjects have a combined sentence of one hundred and twenty-two years of prison and a total fine amount of fourteen million seven hundred thousand dollars. The tireless dedication, determination, resourcefulness and perseverance during this long investigation led to the successful dismantling of three known Drug Trafficking Organizations that spanned multi-jurisdictions.” 

Attached are photographs from the ceremony.


Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office