Human Trafficking and Kidnapping: Guilty as Charged

Christopher Frederick Goulet, 68, of Fort Myers, was found guilty as charged with Kidnapping and Human Trafficking. A jury returned the guilty verdict this evening
following a two-day trial in Lee County.

This crime happened on October 6, 2020. A woman was walking along a road in Lee County when the defendant saw her, stopped, and offered to drive her where she needed to go. She had met the
defendant previously. He took the woman to pay her rent at a local business. She then asked if he would take her to a friend’s house and he agreed.

She got into the defendant’s car again and gave the address of where she was going, The victim realized the defendant passed a turn and when she told him, he stated he was taking her to his
house. He then made a reference to a crude sexual activity that would take place involving the victim and other males.

She demanded for Goulet to stop the vehicle and let her out. He refused. She opened the door of the moving vehicle and jumped out. Before jumping out she grabbed the defendant’s cellphone. She ran in front of another car screaming for help. Witnesses called 911 and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene. The victim told deputies what happened, gave deputies the phone, and an
investigation began. A search warrant was done on the phone and there was evidence on the phone showing the defendant had invited men to his home to exploit the woman.

Later that day the defendant went to the victim’s home, banged on her door, demanding she give him his phone back. The victim called 911 and the defendant fled. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office
located Goulet later that day and placed him under arrest. 

Assistant State Attorney Erin Hughes of the Special Victims Unit and Assistant State Attorney Jonathan Levy prosecuted the case. Sentencing is scheduled for January 31st.

Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office