Prison Sentence in Grand Theft Case

Brandon Lewis Benavidez, 25, of Moore Haven, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for Attempted Burglary of a Dwelling, Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Criminal Mischief,
and Petit Theft. The defendant pled guilty to the charges while trial was underway today, after the victim appeared in court.

The crime was discovered on September 2, 2022. The victim contacted the Glades County Sheriff’s Office after realizing someone broke into their home while they were asleep. A rear window of the home was broken, and several things were missing, including a change purse containing about $30 in change, a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator, and a half a box of chocolate chip cookies.

The victim then noticed their car keys were missing and their car, though in the original parking spot, now had half the gas it had when they had last driven it. The car keys could not be located.

The next day, the victim contacted deputies again to report that his car was now missing. A short time later the victim got a call from the defendant admitting he stole the car and had crashed it in another county.

The defendant was known to the victim but did not have permission to enter the home, take the car or any belongings.

The defendant was later arrested in Glades County. He was sentenced today as a Habitual Felony Offender and Prison Releasee Reoffender.

Assistant State Attorney William Dorman III, Felony Chief for Hendry and Glades, prosecuted the case.

Samantha Syoen – State Attorney’s Office, Communications Director