SAO Employee Honored

Sandy O’Key, who serves as the Executive Assistant to State Attorney Amira Fox and Chief Assistant State Attorney Rich Montecalvo, was awarded the Southwest Florida Police Chiefs Association 2021 Civilian Member of the Year Award at the annual Holiday Luncheon held today. Sandy has been a member of the State Attorney’s Office for 25 years.

Her nomination letter from State Attorney Amira Fox, reads in part, “Sandy’s many years of hard work have been greatly beneficial to the community as she serves the public day in and day out. Sandy’s duties are many and she always performs them with a great attitude, smile, and a contagious laugh.”

“Sandy answers a large amount of phone calls and e-mails from the public daily. She speaks with victims of crimes and their families with kindness and understanding,” said Chief Assistant State
Attorney Richard Montecalvo.

“Sandy also coordinates parole hearings for the State Attorney’s Office and monitors files of defendants who become eligible for parole (for crimes committed prior to 1983) – almost all of which
were convicted of murder or sexual battery. She ensures that the parole commission has all relevant information needed to keep violent offenders in prison and that an experienced Assistant State
Attorney is available to testify at the hearings on behalf of the State,” said State Attorney Fox.

Sandy also coordinates all conflict executive assignments from the Governor’s office – either cases the State Attorney’s Office sends to another Circuit to prosecute, or when another Circuit requests
that our office prosecutes. 

The State Attorney’s Office appreciates the Southwest Florida Police Chiefs Association’s recognition of Sandy’s dedication to the community

Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office