Scam Alert

The State Attorney’s Office would like the public to be on alert for a scam being perpetrated in Southwest Florida, targeting and threatening people for “failing” to appear
for jury duty.

These scammers demand payment as a “fine” for failing to appear for jury duty. The scammers will claim to be calling from an official government agency, INCLUDING the State Attorney’s Office, and demand payment in lieu of being arrested. The State Attorney’s Office will NEVER call you regarding jury service.

Please know that:
1. A jury duty summons will never be delivered over the phone, but ALWAYS by mail.
2. Court officials will NEVER demand payment over the phone, or by wire transfer, or by gift card.
3. Be aware of an aggressive demand for payment. Hang up and call law enforcement or the
State Attorney’s Office.
4. NEVER provide personal or financial information over the telephone to strangers.
5. Caller IDs may be “spoofed” and made to appear that the call is coming from law enforcement.
6. If you have a valid jury duty issue, ALWAYS contact your local Clerk of Court office DIRECTLY.

Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office