Sentenced for Murder

Raymundo Estrada was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison for Second Degree Murder with a Firearm, Attempted Robbery – Discharging a Firearm, and
Shooting at/Into an Occupied Vessel/Aircraft/Vehicle. The sentence carries a 20-year minimum/mandatory.

On November 5, 2020, the victim drove her boyfriend, to a remote area of Lehigh Acres. Her boyfriend planned to meet some men there. When they arrived, they met with two men, one of whom produced a firearm and attempted to rob them. He pistol-whipped the victim’s boyfriend and shot the victim in her face, killing her.

Both men fled the scene and the male victim drove the vehicle to another street and called 911 for help.

After an investigation, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit was able to identify Estrada as the perpetrator. He also admitted to the crime.

Assistant State Attorney Hamid Hunter, of the Homicide Unit, prosecuted the case.

Samantha Syoen – Communications Director, State Attorney’s Office