Sentenced to Prison for Crimes Involving the Exploitation of Children

Today Jorge Ingunza, 23, of Naples, was sentenced to 29 years in prison for 102 counts of
various charges involving the exploitation of children.

Ingunza was arrested on April 3, 2019 following an investigation by the Collier County Sheriff’s
Office. The crimes started when the defendant hacked into various teenagers’ SnapChat and
Instagram accounts and accessed their personal information.

The defendant would then pose as the original account user and attempt to extort their friends
from their contact lists in the social media apps. The defendant would demand nude photos.
Some of the teenagers found out their accounts were hacked and reported it to law enforcement.

The Special Victims Unit of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office contacted the State Attorney’s
Office Special Victims Unit to get a search warrant for the home of the defendant. The warrant
was served and multiple phones and computers were seized.

More child pornography was located on one of the defendant’s cell phones, including images
that are known child pornography as catalogued by the National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children. In total there were six local victims and six victims from out of state.

Today Ingunza was adjudicated guilty of the following charges:

• Transmission of Child Pornography, Third Degree Felony, 6 counts
• Possession of Child Pornography, Third Degree Felony, 33 counts
• Possession of Child Pornography, Second Degree Felony, 30 counts
• Threats, Extortion, Second Degree Felony, 8 counts
• Offenses Against Computer Users, Third Degree Felony, 5 counts
• Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance, Second Degree Felony, 17 counts
• Promoting Sexual Performance by a Child, Second Degree Felony, 2 counts
• Possessing Child Pornography with Intent to Promote, Second Degree Felony, 1 count

Assistant State Attorney Deborah Cunningham prosecuted the case.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office