State Attorney Fox Confers First “Law Enforcement Exemplary Service Award”

State Attorney Amira D. Fox presented the first “Law Enforcement Exemplary Service Award” to
Fort Myers Police Department Detective James Langton. Detective Langton’s professional and
dogged criminal investigative work has helped to build sound prosecution cases against individuals
who seek to rob, burglarize, steal, batter, abuse, or rape. His efforts have resulted in improving
the lives of the citizens of our community and protecting the streets of the City of Fort Myers.
Detective Langton represents the Fort Myers Police Department with a powerful sense of
commitment and the utmost integrity.

Detective Langton is always responsive, supportive, and eager to go the extra mile to enhance
the likelihood of a successful prosecution when called upon at the inception of a criminal case
and for trial. He is always available to assist the Office of the State Attorney in the preparation
and presentation of its cases. He consistently provides reliable testimony, stellar courtroom
performance, and represents his department with true professionalism. “To put it simply,
Detective Langton gets it. He understands how the process works and always seeks to see his
cases all the way through,” stated State Attorney Fox.

The finest officers work hand-in-hand with the prosecution as a united front. Detective Langton’s
courageous dedication to service, the criminal justice system, and the community go “above and
beyond” the call of duty and is worthy of commendation and our sincere gratitude.