The Supreme Court of Florida Criminal Court Steering Committee Appointment

The Supreme Court of Florida has issued an Administrative Order regarding the Criminal Court
Steering Committee which, in part, announces the appointment of State Attorney Amira Fox to
the Committee.

The Criminal Court Steering Committee was established to develop expedited recommendations
to the Supreme Court, as the order reads, “regarding changes required by legislative enactments,
judicial decisions, or other events or circumstances involving criminal law matters.”

“I want to thank the Supreme Court of Florida for this appointment. During the next two years,
as a member of the Criminal Court Steering Committee, I will work on various tasks involving
the criminal justice system and functions of the court and legal system. The work will be directed
by the Chief Justice or the Supreme Court, as needed, for the furtherance of justice,” said State
Attorney Fox.

The order outlines possible tasks including developing recommendations for enhancements to
emergency preparedness plans as it involves the judicial system, due process, and public safety

State Attorney Fox’s appointment to the Criminal Court Steering Committee begins on July 1,
2020 and continues until June 30, 2022. A copy of the Administrative Order is attached.

Supreme Court Order

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office