30 Years in Prison for Attempted Robbery

Freddie Lee Thomas, 51, of Fort Myers was sentenced to 30 years in prison for Attempted Robbery with a Weapon as a Habitual Felony Offender and Prison Releasee Reoffender. His sentence was the maximum possible sentence on this charge. He was also sentenced to credit time served for one count of Battery. 

In November 2015 two women, the victims, were outside of a drug store on Palm Beach Boulevard in Fort Myers trying to decide what movie they were going to rent from the kiosk located there. Thomas came up behind them, grabbed the first victim from behind, and pushed a stun gun into her lower back. The shock from the stun gun caused her to fall to the ground. 

He then turned to the second woman and used the stun gun on her upper back which caused her to fall as well. While she was on the ground Thomas snatched her purse from her shoulder and took off running. However, the victim got up and chased him down. She caught up to him and after a brief struggle, the defendant dropped the purse and she was able to get it back. Thomas
fled the scene on foot. 

Thomas was able to be identified from a still image coming from the drug store’s surveillance video. The victims were shown a lineup and identified the defendant. 

Assistant State Attorneys Andrea Ciervo-Canizares and Brenda Wade prosecuted the case.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office