Death Row Appeal Denied for Anton Krawczuk

Anton Krawczuk remains on death row following the Florida Supreme Court’s denial of his latest appeal. 

Krawczuk and his codefendant, William “Billy” Poirier, robbed and murdered David Staker at his home before dumping his body in a rural area of another county. Krawczuk was convicted on charges of First Degree Murder and Robbery in September 1991 and he was sentenced to death in February 1992. 

In September 1990 while in Staker’s home in Lee County, Krawczuk choked him and Poirier held his mouth and nose shut to cut off his oxygen supply. Krawczuk continued choking Staker for approximately 10 minutes until he poured drain cleaner and water down his throat. Poirier then put a washcloth in Staker’s mouth and taped it in. Krawczuk bound Staker’s ankles together
and put him in the bathtub. 

They stole Staker’s pickup truck which they loaded with stereo equipment, two television sets, five rifles, a video recorder, and a pistol. They also put Staker’s body in the truck before leaving to sell the stolen items. 

After they left their meeting with the buyer they moved Staker’s body to their car which was parked down the street from Staker’s home. They then drove out to a rural place in Charlotte County that Krawczuk had previously scouted out and dumped Staker’s body. 

Poirier was sentenced to 35 years for Second Degree Murder and 15 years for Robbery.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office