Father and Son Sentenced

This afternoon a father and son were sentenced to life in prison and 75 years in prison respectively, for their involvement in a 2015 robbery and murder in Fort Myers.

Kevin Parker Sr. was sentenced to life in prison following his conviction in May for Second Degree Murder and Robbery with a Firearm. His conviction stems from the death of Henry Jenkins who was shot and killed in his own apartment in April 2015. He was also robbed and some of his stolen jewelry was found at the motel where the defendants lived.

Kevin Parker Sr. was seen on surveillance video from a local convenience store wearing distinctive boots and bloody impressions from the unique boots were discovered at the crime scene.

His son, Kevin Parker Jr. was sentenced to 75 years in prison this afternoon. He was also seen in the surveillance video as the driver of the car used in the crime. He was found guilty as charged for Robbery While Possessing a Firearm following a trial in May. He claims to have had knowledge the robbery was planned but not the murder.

Assistant State Attorney Andreas Gardiner of our Homicide Unit and Assistant State Attorney John Dommerich, Jr. handled the cases.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office