Mark Gilson Convicted for Second Time

After winning an appeal, the State Attorney’s Office has successfully concluded a trial against Defendant Mark Gilson for the second time. His original conviction was overturned back in 2004 because his attorney admitted ineffectiveness in not requesting a continuance to subpoena witnesses for the first trial. A 2005 trial was dismissed by the court after it was learned some evidence no longer existed.

Today Gilson was found guilty as charged today for the June 20, 1994 Attempted First Degree Murder of Captain Mark Cohen of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He was sentenced according to the guidelines in 1994 so he received the maximum of 40 years. He was sentenced immediately upon the guilty verdict coming back.

Assistant State Attorney Marilla Pauly handled the case. We want to thank the many prosecutors who have devoted their time to this case over the years.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office