Murder Conviction

Aaron Reyna, 27, will face up to life in prison after being convicted today of Second Degree Murder with a Firearm and two counts of Shooting at, within, or into a Dwelling or Building following a four day trial in Collier County. The jury took approximately an hour before reaching their guilty verdict. 

The crime happened in October 2014 after Reyna shot a woman in the head because he felt she disrespected him after he declined to give her a ride to work. The situation then led to a standoff with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team. 

It started after Reyna got angry at the 29-year-old woman who yelled at him when he would not give her a ride. They both lived in a home on the Seminole Indian Reservation in Immokalee. After being yelled at, Reyna got a gun and shot the woman twice in the head, as well as in the arm and wrist, killing her. 

Five others were in the house at the time of the murder but did not witness the actual shooting. One of the people in the home was able to leave and call 911 after several hours to get help. When deputies arrived they ordered everyone out of the house. The others left but Reyna stayed inside with the victim’s body. Reyna later placed her body in a plastic storage bin with bloody blankets and clothes. 

When the SWAT team arrived, Reyna called 911 and told deputies that he was not coming out. He was patched through to a hostage negotiator and demanded to have his grandmother brought to the house. It was agreed Reyna could see her at a safe place if he gave himself up. After approximately an hour he surrendered, came outside and was arrested. When he was taken to the Seminole Police Department his grandmother was brought to see him. 

After his arrest, Reyna admitted to the murder, referenced being disrespected and said he was not going to take it. Sentencing is set for April 20th. Assistant State Attorneys Tino Cimato and Jennifer Brown prosecuted the case.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office