Restaurant Case

A man upset about his order at a McDonald’s restaurant is now in jail awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of two counts of Improper Exhibition of a Firearm.

In January, William Jesus Rodriguez Diaz, 27, became upset and barged behind the counter of a restaurant in Fort Myers confronting an employee and demanding to speak to a manager. A manager asked Rodriguez Diaz to leave. He said he was going to stand his ground and a scuffle occurred. The defendant then pulled out a gun.

The manager was able to calm down the defendant who then left. As Lee County Sheriff deputies were responding to the McDonald’s, the defendant was calling 911. He told operators he had been attacked at the restaurant and gave his name and home address.

Deputies responded to both locations. Rodriguez Diaz was found in a park near his home with the gun in his car and was arrested. He had no prior criminal history.

A Lee County jury came back with the verdict last night. Assistant State Attorney Alyssa Wolf handled the case.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office