Road Rage Case: Guilty as Charged

William John Greenwald, 46, faces life in prison after being convicted of First Degree Burglary with Assault or Battery following a two day trial in Charlotte County.

The crime involved a case of road rage. In April 2016, Greenwald was driving  down El Jobean Road in Port Charlotte when he began yelling at another driver who he felt was driving too slowly. Both the defendant and the victim stopped their pick-up trucks, got out in a turn lane, and began arguing. Both men then went back to their trucks. Greenwald grabbed a metal vise grip, went to the victim’s truck and began beating him repeatedly with the tool through the open window.

Greenwald continued until a witness who pulled over was finally able to get him to stop. Greenwald fled the scene in his truck but the victim was able to get his tag number which helped identify him. Multiple witnesses also identified the defendant through a photo line-up. 

The victim was injured by the beating but made a full recovery. Sentencing is scheduled for February 23rd.

Assistant State Attorneys Garrick Soja and Caitlin Sorenson prosecuted the case.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office