State Attorney’s Office Statement

The State Attorney’s Office 20th Judicial Circuit is aware of the accusations of an animal rights organization as a result of their undercover activities within Lee County. 

Unfortunately the group called “Animal Recovery Mission” utilizes techniques which appear to violate felony statutes making the evidence inadmissible in court and tainting the investigation. We have repeatedly advised the group of their inappropriate conduct and have continued to advise that they appear to be operating outside of the law. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office, who has also been involved, agrees with our review. Public record is attached. 

The State Attorney’s Office is outraged by animal abuse and will continue to pursue prosecuting cases that contain legally admissible evidence. We will also continue working closely with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office as we work together to punish those who abuse animals in Lee County.

Public Record

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office