State of Florida v. Lawrence Rasnick

The State Attorney’s Office announced today that it has declined to file formal charges in the case of the State of Florida v. Lawrence Rasnick. Rasnick, Brian Casey, and Daniel Ventura were arrested in connection with the murder of Larrick Sikes. The State Attorney’s Office has formally charged Casey and Ventura with Second Degree Murder.

There has been no physical or forensic evidence presented linking Rasnick to the crime. The evidence submitted was that Rasnick was implicated by his co-defendants. Since they are themselves under prosecution for the crimes, they cannot be compelled to testify against Rasnick.

Agents of the Sheriff’s Department arrested Rasnick on the charges after they traveled to Alabama to bring him back to Southwest Florida.

The case will be referred to the Sheriff’s Department with a request to investigate further to develop independent evidence. Rasnick will be freed from custody because Florida law requires filing of formal charges within 30 days of arrest.

Samantha Syoen
Communications Director
State Attorney’s Office